About us

Shop Texas Electricity was founded in September 2009 with one mission- to help electricity customers save time and money. With that purpose in mind, we built one of the best online platforms that helps residential and business electricity consumers find the best electricity plans to meet their specific energy requirements.

Shop Texas Electricity- The Platform

Built on one of the most advanced systems, STE allows its customers to shop for energy based on price, payment options, energy type and service provider. With a seamless and user friendly platform, we aim to provide you with a one stop, easy to use solution that helps you get connected with the best available energy plans out there in the market.

Shop Texas Electricity- The Advantage

As an organization committed to its cause, STE continues to innovate and broaden the scope of power choices it has to offer for residential and commercial energy customers. The information provided on the website is the most up to date you will be able to find on any other website, allowing you to make well-informed decisions when selecting a plan or service provider.

With the World around us moving at such a fast pace, we understand that while consumers want variety of choice, they also require quick and relevant information on which to differentiate and find the appropriate solution for themselves. Now, with the energy market deregulated, STE has become the leader in online customer acquisitions for a host of energy service providers. As it is, the number of people taking to the internet to discover information for commercial and residential electricity plans is drastically increasing day by day. Keeping this trend in mind, we help online consumers make the right buying decisions when it comes to energy. Our use of innovative technology and the partnerships we have forged with the best service providers in this sector makes us the ideal platform for energy consumers in and around the region.

Exercise Your Power to Choose with STE

With a deregulated energy market, the power to choose lies in the hands of the consumer. As a company that understands the benefits and challenges this poses to the consumer, we’ve built a platform that lets you get towards the best plans at the most competitive prices. Search our listings and compare by price, energy type, provider and other important elements in residential and commercial electricity.

STE empowers its audience with the ability to make an easy switch to lower their electricity bills. The fact that we maintain the most updated information only ensures you’ll be getting the latest of everything. We understand shopping for energy can be a complex and overwhelming task. That is precisely why we’ve made it simpler and user friendly to search, discover and understand which plan, package or provider is best for your requirements.

With a dedicated management team and one of the best research teams in the sector, we’ve taken all the hard work of finding all the information that matters. Now all you have to do is simply use our website and find exactly what you are looking for, whether that’s for your home or business!

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