At Shop Texas Electricity we are always on the lookout for dynamic and energetic professionals to give them an opportunity to experience a career that is challenging as well as highly rewarding.

We are on the lookout for people who are:

  • Dedicated
  • Highly motivated
  • Have a passion for perfection and high quality
  • Can provide excellent customer support
  • Can understand and comprehend well
  • Are team players in every aspect.

We believe in people who have the endeavor and skill to help our esteemed customers locate the right electrical devices that they are looking for.

You need to be a super thinker who can foresee the future steps of development for the company, people who are not only intellectually developed but are very passionate about everything that they do, because we believe that people who excel at what they do are also people who can add value to the organization with their innovative ideas. This would naturally be a bounty for the customers whose expectations are bound to exceed in the presence of such brilliant minds.

Remember… You will be part of the electricity industry which connoted that you should be full of energy!

We need spirited individuals who will give our customers value for money propositions while purchasing electricity.

So if you are looking for a challenging career and are ready to face problems with a solution, this is where you will find the job that you have been looking for.

Come, be a part of a performance oriented company that allows you to enrich yourself and deliver your best as a professional. Here you can work and play hard, have fun at work and come into contact with some of the most friendliest of colleagues ever.

Want to be a part of our electrifying future?

Please send your resume to:

Shop Texas Electricity is on the continuous lookout for talented individuals like you. Send in your resumes even if you don’t find a current position posted here. Our experienced HR Team will store your CV and contact you the moment there is an appropriate position available to match your profile.

Shop Texas Electricity believes in equality as an employer. All our employment opportunities are based on your individual merit and qualifications as well as your professional competency. At Shop Texas Electricity we do not differentiate or discriminate according to race, religion, color, origin, ancestry, age, sec, marital status, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy status, medical disability or any other characteristics that is governed by the law.

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