How to Purchase Cheaper Electricity

In these tough economic times, homeowners are looking for ways to cut costs, to keep more of their hard-earned money. You're being conservative, turning off lights and appliances when you aren't using them, washing your clothes in cold water, adding insulation to your attic and adjusting your thermostat up or down when no one is home. But are you saving as much as you could be?

If you haven't shopped around for cheaper electricity, you could be paying more than you need to. Since the energy industry was deregulated in the state, retail energy providers have been competing for your business, offering lower rates, more favorable terms and a variety of bonuses and rebates. At the Shop Texas Electricity web site, you can see all of the plans and providers available in your Zip code, and find out if it's possible to get cheaper electricity.

How Much Are You Paying?

First you need to check your electric bill, and see how much you are currently paying. Competitive rates in the state can be as low as 7 or 8 cents per kilowatt hour; if you're paying much more than that, you could be paying too much. Be sure to check whether there are any other additional charges. This is important, because some companies bundle their charges, so that the rate you see is the all-inclusive rate you pay, while others list additional charges separately, in order to make their rates seem lower.

Once you enter in your Zip code and select whether it is for your home or business, click Get Rates. A list of all of the providers and plans for your Zip code will populate the screen. Select Price at the top of the screen in order to have the offers listed in order of lowest price per kilowatt hour. A dropdown menu on the top right of the chart allows you to select the current price you are paying, in order to give you an estimate of how much your new plan will save you on your electric bill.

As simple as it is to find cheaper electricity in Texas, it's difficult to understand why so many consumers are still paying higher prices for electricity. Many are simply not aware that they are paying too much. Others may have taken the time to switch providers a few years ago, but have failed to pay attention to their new plan's contract term. Often providers have a default rate that kicks in at the end of a contract, and homeowners don't realize that this is why their electric bill has gone up.

When it comes to electricity rates in Texas, it pays to be vigilant. Texas residents currently enjoy some of the lowest rates in the nation. If you're not getting the best rate, you need to take a few minutes and shop for cheaper electricity. Before making your decision ask yourself some questions to shop for the cheapest electricity in Texas.

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