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Why are prices not displayed?
We do not display prices because different businesses have different needs. We will work with you to customize an electricity plan that best meets the needs for your business. Whether you are looking for plans with competitive rates, select term (6-60 months), fixed / MCPE plan or renewable energy plans, we will work with you to customize an electricity plan that’s right for you.

To expedite the free quote you could complete the Letter of Authorization and fax it along with you recent electricity bill to 1-877-686-2566 or email scanned copies to The Letter of Authorization only gives us authorization to review your historical usage and helps us give you the best electricity quote.



Business Electricity

Looking to facilitate your business with a suitable commercial electricity plan? Look no further as we’ll help you compare various options for commercial electricity and enable you to select the most suitable plan for your business. That too, at the most competitive rates!

We Make It Easy to Find the Perfect Plan

As much as it is important to find a reliable and trustworthy business electricity plan, it is just as crucial to find a plan that fits in with your budget and doesn’t increase your bottom line costs. As is the case, the cost of commercial electricity does factor in to determining the end prices for large organizations offering their products and services for sale. By leveraging our website you can easily find the most cost effective business electricity solution for your venture and ensure your organization is not being over burdened by high electricity charges.

The governance of electricity in a business setup is not only crucial, it is a big responsibility. Add to that the obligation to maintain proper billing and you have quite a task on your hand. Keeping electricity costs low should be a business prerogative as it will allow you to redirect the dollars you save in your core areas of operation rather than on facilitating your business with electric supply. This is where Shop Texas Electricity can prove to be an invaluable resource allowing you to gain first hand, accurate knowledge of the variety of business electricity plans being offered by service providers in an around the region. You can easily compare the rates as well as the terms and conditions applied by the service providers to find the perfect fit for your business.

The recent energy deregulation in Texas has had a beneficial impact on businesses looking for commercial electricity plans. It has opened up avenues for businesses to sign up for high quality business electricity plans at competitive rates. The fact that the market is loaded with electricity suppliers empowers you, as the business owner, to make a well informed decision. Shop Texas Electricity has made this even easier by short listing pre-qualified energy suppliers that come up to our criteria thereby ensuring that your investment in electricity supply will yield positive results.

The Shop Texas Electricity Advantage

  • View competitive pricing plans from a variety of best-in-class energy suppliers
  • Flexible payment options ranging from fixed rate to month-to-month quotes
  • One stop shop- No need to browse through multiple websites, just click, compare and select all in one place!
  • Discover opportunities for saving big on cost of business electricity
  • Experienced consultants at your beck and call to answer your burning electricity questions!

Why Choose Shop Texas Electricity?

  • Get super fast customer feedback on your questions regarding electricity plans, payments, service providers and more
  • Easy billing with 100% billing accuracy guaranteed
  • Be at peace with our proven financial stability
  • User friendly invoices that are easy to read and understand!
  • No hidden charges, no small text terms and conditions. All usage and rates information displayed clearly on the bill
  • Hassle free and convenient online account management
  • Variety of payment options for your convenience including but not limited to credit card, online payments, bank draft and payment via phone
  • Full assistance and support in bill payment

The ever increasing competition in the energy sector has opened up a multitude of options for business electricity consumers in Texas. With the after effects of the recession still in place, smart businesses know the value of saving up on electricity costs. This is why smart businesses select Shop Texas Electricity as their one stop shop for comparing business electricity plans and finding the perfect solution for their enterprise.

ESI-ID is a 17 or 22 digit number that can be found on your electric bill.

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