Choosing a Texas Business Electricity Provider

There are a wide variety of options for a small business searching for a business electricity provider in the State of Texas, since the industry has been deregulated and providers have become seemingly more numerous than shopping malls. In determining which provider has the right plan for your business, it helps to first determine which features you may be interested in. Here are some important considerations:

Fixed or Variable Rate

If you will be signing on for a long term contract, a fixed rate is probably the best choice. While volatile in the short term, energy prices will inevitably go up in the long term, as global demand increases and supply diminishes. By locking in a low fixed rate, your electricity costs will remain stable for the duration of the contract.

If you are considering a shorter term contract, however, then a variable rate may be the better way to go. Although pricing can be somewhat unstable, you will most likely get a lower rate in the short term with a variable rate than you would a fixed rate contract. This still allows you the flexibility to switch to a long term contract in the future, should electricity prices drop dramatically enough to warrant locking in a low fixed rate.

Contract Terms

Providers of business electricity in Texas offer a variety of plans, from month-to-month to one- or two-year contract terms, and in some instances, even longer term contracts lasting three years and beyond. When choosing a long term contract, be aware that you may be required to pay a termination fee should you cancel your plan before the completion of the contract term.

Environmental Responsibility

You can choose to purchase energy generated from renewable resources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy, among others. While you will not actually be using the green electricity directly, it will be added to the power grid in order to offset the brown energy that your company is using. Green energy is usually provided at a higher cost; however a number of businesses choose this option for a variety of reasons.

Because business electricity pricing rates are not published online, it will be necessary for you to select the types of plans you are interested in, and then contact the companies directly for a customized plan quote. Use these considerations to narrow down your selection so that you will not have to spend too much time getting quotes from a large number of electricity providers.

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