What is Electric Choice Texas?

Electric choice Texas is another term for the deregulation of the energy industry in the State of Texas. In 1999, the Texas State Legislature voted to open up the business of providing electricity in Texas to competition from outsiders. Up until that time, Texas residents received their electricity from a handful of giant utility companies with no competition.

In January of 2002 the legislation went into effect, and since that time over 40 different retail electricity providers have entered the Texas energy market to compete for your business. While Texas residents still receive their energy through the same wires, poles and transmission lines as they did before, provided and maintained by the same utility companies, they have a choice of which provider they wish to contract with, who in turn then handles all billing and customer service.

How Does Electric Choice Texas Change Things?

By fostering competition in the Texas energy market, electric choice Texas brings Texas residents a number of benefits, including lower energy prices. They also have a wide number of choices as to contract terms, fixed or variable pricing, and the option to purchase their electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and more.

Additionally, many providers offer bonuses, rebates and rewards to customers for signing up, paying their bill on time and referring other customers. Customers earn rebate checks, gift cards, memberships, movie tickets, magazine subscriptions, sporting events tickets, theme park tickets, bill credits, free electricity and various other promotional giveaways and rewards.

How Do I Choose My Provider?

Choosing or switching a retail electric provider is as simple as logging on to a website like Shop Texas Electricity. By simply entering your Zip code, you can view a list of providers and plans available in your area, with pricing, terms and any promotional rewards being offered. Select an offer and you will be taken directly to that company's website, where you can review further details and sign up, or return to Shop Texas Electricity to see more offers.

In order to make things easier, retail electric providers allow you to sign up directly at their websites. They will handle everything for you, including notifying your current provider that you are switching. Nothing could be easier. While not everyone can agree whether electricity prices would be lower with or without regulation, no one can dispute that Texas residents have more flexibility and personal choices in how they want to purchase their energy than ever before. Understand your Texas Electric choice and save on your electric bills.

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