Texas Energy Choice Can Help Clear Confusion

When you begin searching for an energy service provider, you will have so many decisions to make. All of the sudden, you have the control over your own electric bill. That power to choose comes with so many responsibilities. How can you possibly make the right decision? The good news is that when you get confused, you can get help with that confusion. The Texas Energy Choice program is designed specifically to help people understand energy deregulation and how to make smart electricity decisions.

Once deregulation began to take effect, people find themselves with a number of choices to make. They can actually pick the electric company that they would like to work with. They can choose from different rate plans and different payment options. By deregulating the electric service in Texas, this breaks up monopolies that were created when some electric services were in total control over a single area. With prices rising higher and higher, it came to the attention of the state of Texas that something needed to be changed. The energy deregulation bill first took effect in 2001 and has slowly been integrated into the Texas system.

Just what can you learn from the Texas Energy Choice program? You find tools that will help you determine if you need to change your electric service from your current company. You can ask yourself the right questions, think about your budget, and more so that your decision on whether or not you should make a switch is accurate. Additionally, you can find more information to help you understand the ins and outs of deregulation. With more knowledge, you can make an informed decision about your electric service.

Finally, you can even find information about the different programs that have been put together in order to help people save money on their energy bill. With this information, you could choose to save money on your power bill and even get incentives for choosing such things as renewable energy.

When Texas began to deregulate energy for the whole state, it became clear that consumers would need help and information on the decisions they needed to make. This is why they created the Texas Energy Choice program. This program is a part of the Public Service Commission of Texas. Information about the program can be found at www.powertochoose.org. You can also contact the Texas Energy Choice Answer Center at 866-PWR-4-TEX orinfo@powertochoose.org.

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