Understanding Your Texas Electric Choice

Did you know that you have a Texas electric choice? That sounds exciting doesn’t it? It actually is. A few years ago, the Texas government made the decision to pass something called energy deregulation. This deregulation allows each consumer to choose the energy company that they want for their home. Did you know you have a chance to choose? Many people do not know this because deregulation has been rolling out slowly over the past decade. However, even if you did not know about it in the past, it is time to learn because it truly is an exciting change for the citizens of Texas.

Let’s start with explaining what deregulation is. Before this law, electricity was regulated. Each area of the state was served by one electric company or utility. This seemed to be a passable method of providing electricity to consumers. However, there are big problems with it. When one electric company is located in one area, they have total control of the service there. Who is to say what they charge for electricity or what type of service to offer? In a way, the electric companies had monopolies, which are never good. Deregulation solved this problem since it no longer allows just one company to have total control of an area. Instead, your Texas electric choice allows you to pick from a number of different companies.

Why does it matter so much that you can choose? This may be what you are wondering next. Actually, it matters a great deal that you can make your own decisions. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Perhaps you are environmentally conscious and you would prefer to be using green energy. Now you can choose a company that uses wind energy or solar power.
  • Perhaps you wish you could pay the same amount each month in electric bills. Now you can choose a company that offers fixed rate plans.
  • Perhaps you just do not like your electric service and you want to make a switch. Now, that is actually something that you can do.

Did you know that you have Texas electric choices? You can choose just the company that will provide energy to your home and that gives you plenty of room to tailor your service to your home, your needs, and your preference. By making use of this electric choice in Texas, you may be surprised that you can even save money on your electric bill each month.

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