It's Easy to Compare Electricity Rates

When shopping for an electricity provider in Texas, it's important to compare electricity rates to determine the best plan for your home or business. On, you simply need to type your Zip code in the box, select whether it's for your home or business, and click Get Rates. A list of providers and plans will appear on the screen for you to peruse.

You can choose to sort the offers by provider, in which case the providers will be listed in alphabetical order, with all of their various plans listed consecutively, or you can choose to sort the offers by product name, in which the offers will be listed by the name of the various product plans, in alphabetical order, such as E-plan 12, Eagle 12, and Easy Fixed 3.

If you sort the offers by term, the no contract plans will appear first, followed by 1 month, 2 month, and so forth, based on the length of the plan terms. Finally, if you sort the offers by price, they will appear in order with the lowest price per kilowatt hour plan first, and the rest in order of increasing price per kilowatt hour. Here you can compare electricity rates of all of the participating companies in your area.

Another column in the table lists any special signing bonuses offered by the company, and still another column gives you the approximate amount of annual savings you will realize if you switch to that plan from your current plan, based on the price listed in the window on the right hand side of the screen. A dropdown menu allows you to select the current price per kilowatt hour you are paying, in order to see the adjusted amount of annual savings.

To find out more about a plan, click on the Order Now button to the right of the selected plan. You will be taken to a page that tells you much more in-depth about the plan, the company providing the plan, and allows you to enter your address and get started. Changing plans is as simple as that. Once the new company has all of your information, they will make the change for you, and notify your old electrical provider.

It has never been easier for homeowners to compare electricity rates in the State of Texas, or to switch providers, than it is on Businesses owners can also get quotes from all of the major providers simply by filling out one simple form on the site.

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