Smart Texas Prepaid Electricity Plans

Since the Texas State Legislature voted to deregulate the Texas energy industry in 2002, Texas electricity consumers have been bombarded with a cornucopia of different offers for electric plans, from an army of retail electrical providers, some old and some new startups, that have set up camp in the state in order to compete for your electricity dollars.

One of the newest and more interesting plan providers is Smart Prepaid Electric Texas, founded in 2010 in order to take advantage of new smart meter technology, to offer a brand new model of electrical service. Based in Houston, Smart Prepaid Electric Texas is affiliated with Fulcrum Retail Holdings, operators of Amigo Energy and Tara Energy, two of the largest independent providers of retail electricity in the state.

Customers who have smart meters installed in their homes and who are in a Smart Prepaid Electric Texas service area, can get their power turned on almost immediately for as little as $25. They simply need to sign up at the website, use their credit or debit card to pay in advance for however many days they wish ($25 minimum), and Smart Prepaid Electric Texas will notify their local utility to turn on the power.

Since they're using a smart meter, there is no need to wait for someone to come out to the residence, read a meter or anything of the sort. Everything is processed electronically. The company will track your daily usage through your smart meter and adjust your available balance, which you may access at the company's website, or by sending a request through your cell phone or simply calling customer service.

Customers can add to their electricity balance online or at any of a number of payment centers or smart card locations, using a special smart card they can purchase at participating retailers. Smart meter technology makes it possible to sign up for electric service with no deposits, no credit checks, and no waiting around for a meter reader.

Smart meters are being increasingly deployed across the state, and are registered by address. To find out whether or not you have a smart meter at your residence, you can simply enter your address into the Smart Prepaid Electric Texas website, and they will inform you as to whether your address has a smart meter, and whether service is available in your area.

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