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Texas residents and business owners have a lot of choices when it comes to electricity providers, from prices to billing plans, contract length, fixed or variable rates and more. One thing that is sometimes overlooked, however, when shopping for a new electrical provider is how easy that provider is to work with.

Do they have online billing and payment services? Do they have 24 hour customer service? Is their customer service department efficient and trustworthy, or do they have a history of late or erroneous billing and various other undesirable characteristics? If your payment is late, or they perceive that it is late, will they shut off your service without warning? Will they then charge you an arm and a leg to turn it back on?

These and other important questions are the ones you should be asking, yet answers are seldom provided within the impersonal offers published on their websites. Many people won't hire a contractor, buy a new video game or eat out at a restaurant without first checking out what people are saying about it on their favorite customer review site. Neither should you sign a contract with an energy provider without checking up on their electric ratings and reviews.

PUC Scorecard and Complaint Summary

One way to check up on your provider is to review the Public Utilities Commission Scorecard and Complaint Summary which will give you an overall idea as to how many complaints have been filed against your provider, and what general type of complaints they are. Keep in mind, however, a larger company will naturally have more complaints registered than a small one, although the scorecard does give you the rate of complaints as compared with all of the other providers, rather than a raw number.

It's useful to also be able to read reviews, however; actual customer experiences with a provider and their overall impressions. You can read actual customer reviews at a number of websites like Shop Texas Electricity, as well as providing your own electric ratings and experiences for others to read.

Whether you have an outstanding experience with your new electricity provider, or the whole episode turns into a complete nightmare, it's important to share your findings for other customers to be warned or advised. Customer review sites are an important part of the 21st century customer shopping experience. They help us to reward excellence, and punish uncaring, rude behavior and incompetence. Be sure and rate your electric provider's performance and let them know how they're doing!

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