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George from Irving
Reviewed On September 26, 2013
Bad Service and High Rates

I signed up with them since they seemed to cheaper as there was no minimum charge. What a big mistake. Never has been my electric bills been so high. when I call cusotmer service they say its because of my usage or because the delivery charges have increased. Not sure what is the next excuse they are going to come up with. Very disappointed and cant wait to get out of my contract.

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Alex from Dallas
Reviewed On August 6, 2013

Horrible invisible customer service, left them after just 3 months, won`t back even for free

Narendar from HOUSTON
Reviewed On July 10, 2013
Worst energy supplier

for the 1st 3 months they charged less per kWh & when we sign the contract they will increase the prices like 3-4 times.

Vanessa from Fort Worth
Reviewed On July 9, 2013
Customer Service is Non-Existent - Phone Menu is a Labrinth

I've been with 4change for three months. I switched to them because they had the lowest deal on Power to Choose. I love saving money and I have been with other companies that have similar rates as 4Change (like PennyWise). I logged on my account last week to stop my service - I clicked on the tab and I got a pop up that said "call blah blah between M-F 9am-5pm to stop your service" - I understand they just will want to talk me out of stopping the service. First I looked over their website to see if they were closed for the holiday (because it was Friday July 5th). No notice, so I call. There was no direct option given to contact customer service, and I listened to the entire 6-item long menu for existing companies about my bill waiting for the option. Whatever. I pressed "0" and it redirected me to the actual company line. Then an answering machine says that the customer reps are assisting other customers or I've called them outside of their normal business hours, and I should leave a message. So I do. I still haven't received a call back and it's Tuesday the 9th. What's worse is I called them *again* and I still got the same message. How ridiculous! I called again to see if new customers would get the same treatment, and yes, you'll get sent to an answering machine. I would rather go on hold and wait then be told I should leave a message and wait an indefinite amount of time. This is just silly. I sent an e-mail and I'm still waiting a reply. My advice is to go with PennyWise if you're looking for a lower rate and better customer service! They called me after I switched services to find out why I was unhappy with their service (just trying to save money). Not many energy companies will do that.

Krinken Rohleder from Pflugerville TX
Reviewed On April 23, 2013
Billing issues and bad service response

We just switched to 4Change Energy and so far do not have a good impression. They did not send us the initial bill so after 20 days of sign up we went online to pay. Then a week later they send a disconnect notice. Of course it was already out of date since we did pay on time but it just was very annoying and unprofessional. So I contacted the service department about this issue and wanted to make sure it did not happen again. Well right away I can tell that this is a, its never our fault the customer must have done something wrong, company. Their responses were not directly rude but they definitely were not nice. So they need to work on billing and service professionalism.

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Jon Wheeler from Crosby, TX
Reviewed On April 17, 2013
Classic bait and switch

After applying for 4change promotional rate (this included a credit report and giving them my VISA bank card access). After noticing the electricity hadn't swithed over a week later, I called them to check the status. I received only a voice mail option. A representative called me back 48 hours later. She told me she could find my account, but we could set up another right then (which I did). The rates had conveniently gone up (according to her, April 15 which is when I called them). She said I had to use the higher rate even if I provided proof of date and time of my application.

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