APNA Energy


APNA Energy is a privately held, established electricity provider of Texas. APNA Energy has designed its products and services to create customer confidence and help customers feel secure about their energy bill. Established in 2006, APNA Energy provides energy to many parts of Texas. Serving both commercial and residential customers, APNA Energy believes in charging competitive rates for their services.

Rates and Plans

APNA Energy offers competitively priced plans and prices specifically created to meet customer needs. Customers can choose from variable plans, which change with market pricing; or they can select a fixed price plan, which is offers a fixed rate for a predetermined length of time. APNA Energy has becomes a trusted brand among Texas residents with its competitive product offerings.

Help for the Community

APNA Energy has taken an initiative to help the non-profit organizations of Texas. APNA Energy works with community organizations to raises awareness about the struggles non-profits sometimes face. APNA Energy launched a program to help non-profits balance their budgets through cost saving and community. APNA Energy takes great pride in its positive reputation. APNA Energy has and will continue to look for way to be involved in the betterment of the communities they serve.

Our Partners