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Ken Johnston from Spring
Reviewed On January 17, 2013
POOR customer service and billing

During the time I was with them, they continually screwed up my bill, threaten to disconnect, all while having my account on "autopay". They couldn't pay themselves correctly with my money! I would have to call them to fix it. When I finally left them, months later a collection agency came after me for $48.00. I knew nothing about it until I started receiving calls at my work no less from this scumbag collector. They reported me to the credit bureau because they couldn't pay themselves with my money! They never even let me know there was a problem until the collection agency did [to this day, I don't know if there really was a problem]. STAY AWAY--FAR AWAY! NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!


The Texas based Cirro Energy offers excellent service in terms of customer support which is highly essential when you are sourcing power. A reliable electricity provider will always deliver the best of customer service and Cirro Energy does just that. Their plans are designed to help you save money and reduce your monthly electricity bill. They also give their customer the best fixed rates available. Apart from this the customers also can make use of their online and mobile account management options. Their short and long term plans are all designed to help you save power and money. You have the option of enjoying 100% green energy. What’s more, most of your electrical appliances will be covered d under their free protection coverage plan.

Cirro Energy offers no fee for Visa, MasterCard and Discover holders. Apart from that you can make good use of their flexible auto payment options and paper less eBill or Bill Alert. Customers have also benefitted from the 24/7 customer support service offered by Cirro Energy to help their customers resolve all issues faced by them regarding power consumption, electricity plans, bill payments etc. So if you want to save smart on your electricity consumption always use the services of Cirro Energy especially if you are located in Texas.

If you are looking at consumption of electricity for commercial or official purposes, Cirro Energy would be the perfect choice for you. The Company offers fixed price terms which include Congestion, RUC and Ancillary costs to their commercial customers. They also believe in real time pricing to save your billing costs. You can avail renewable green energy consumption on all its plans and products. They also lock in your rate at the right time with their ability to further the date contracts. You might not be aware that Cirro Energy is a subsidiary of Dominion(NYSE: D) one of the most prominent producers and transporters of energy in the nation which provides powerful financial backing and is one of the largest energy companies in North America, so you can be rest assured about their quality of service.

Apart from offering power for commercial use, Cirro Energy is also the best choice to make for domestic power users. Their rate for domestic users is incomparable in the present market scenario. The company provides its domestic customers with some of the best electricity plans to fit their monthly budget. Apart from that local customers can easily conduct business online at lowest fixed rates available in the market.

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