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Jaime from Euless
Reviewed On November 20, 2013
Becareful to read all details.

I was told that their rates would beat my current bill. They ask for bill and upon reading the invoice they told me that they would lower my bill especially if I took the 2 year commitment. They failed to tell me that their TDU delivery charges were higher than my current provider thus at end of month MY BILL WAS HIGHER THAN BEFORE due to this. I ask about it and of course they told they notify me before signing up. Yes they did but what do I know about TDU ? REALLY? Now that stuck with 2 year commitment it is 300.00 to get out of contract.


Entrust Energy is a retail electricity provider for residential and commercial customers in Texas. Entrust is located in Dallas and serves all deregulated areas in Texas. Entrust Energy values its customer service by eliminating unnecessary monthly fees and base charges for its customers.

Entrust Energy believes in working within the customer base that they serve. They are located in Texas and provide cheap and economic electricity to the deregulated areas of Texas. They specialize in providing residential energy to the houses of their customers with excellent customer service. As they are located within the area, they have representatives which handle the customers in a much better way than any outsider. The friendly customer care representatives will solve all concerns in no time at all.

Prices and Bills Plans and Pricing

Entrust Energy plans are open minded for customers to obtain the best electricity savings for their home. Entrust electricity plans are customized with fixed rate plans such as 6, 12, and 3 month plans. There are also month to month plans available with no early termination fees.

Entrust Energy provides low cost energy to its customers and ensures that the electricity bills do not make a hole in your pocket. The bill amount can be minimized by charging no fees and eradicating all hidden charges and base charges. Entrust Energy believes that these charges increase bill amount and eliminating these charges would ensure very less bills.

Other Benefits No Fees

Entrust Energy works to provide positive customer service by getting rid of normal customer fees. These fees include: no sign up fees, no monthly customer fees, no online payment fees, no customer call in fees, and no minimum electric usage fees.

Entrust Energy gives the convenience which every customer looks for in an energy providing company. They provide convenience in enrolling with them as a customer and then once an account is enrolled the management is very easy. There are referral programs which one can avail of and refer a friend. There are also very easy payment methods.

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