Just Energy


Just Energy is one of North America’s leading energy providers. Established in 1997, Just Energy has been serving over 1.8 million customers in the United States and Canada. In Texas, Just Energy provides electricity to small business and residential customers.

Just energy is not just a leading provider of energy but also provides green energy, natural gas and even appliances which help save energy. They are successful energy providing company which has over 1.8 million customers all over USA. They provide energy to businesses to help them run smoothly and hence businesses do not think twice before choosing Just Energy as their energy partner. They provide energy to more than 137000 businesses across USA.

Predictable Costs Rates and Plans

Just Energy has many electricity plans for customers. The company believes in long term value so there are many fixed rate plans such as one year, three year, and even five year plans. Customers can lock in their electricity rate for the length of their term without worrying about it changing. Commercial customers also have a variety of electricity plans. Just Energy also offers green renewable energy plans.

Just energy does not charge you even a cent extra for the services they offer. They believe in saving your money for you and hence have the most competitive plans and prices for their various ranges of products.

Learning Centre Green Energy

Just Energy is actively involved in over 30 green renewable energy projects that help the environment. Just Energy has green products that come from renewable energy credits for Electricity and Natural Gas. Customers can guarantee they are receiving green products that are making the community cleaner.

Just Energy provides its customers with a leaning centre option. With deregulation of energy supplies, customers get a choice to choose their choice of energy supplier. The learning centre at Just energy would inform you about your rights as a customer and how you can think wisely about choosing the right supplier. They even give you an outlook on the energy markets and how they function. They also have a fully functioning customer care centre where the customer is provided with all the information required, firsthand.

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