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Liberty Power is a retail energy provider for residential, small business, and large commercial customers in the United States. Liberty Power provides electricity services for over 10 states including Texas. In 2001 the company was founded by David Hernandez and was the eighth largest Hispanic owned company in the Hispanic Business 500. Liberty Power is dedicated to providing electricity to all residential, small and medium size businesses, and large commercial customers in Texas.

Liberty Power was founded in the year 2001 by David Hernandez as a small enterprise. However now it has turned into a large scale independent energy supplier in USA. In its initial stages Liberty Power started by serving customers one by one and then moved on to serving small scale businesses for their energy needs. Today they serve all types of customers including large companies, residential establishments and even fortune 500 companies across USA. What has not changed is their attitude towards their customers and they still treat their customers on a one on one basis. Theybelieve in nurturing the relationship with their customers and provide service like a small company would provide, dedicated.

Prices and Plans

Residential and commercial customers can lock in their rates for up to two years with Liberty Power customized electricity plans. Liberty Power releases the stresses of rising electricity costs for small, medium sized and large businesses.

Liberty Power is known to provide affordable and competitive prices and plans to all its customers. They provide energy to small, medium and large business enterprises and even large industrial companies. The rates vary with usage. There are flexible plans which the customer can choose from and help save a lot of money.

Education Centre Liberty Green

Liberty Power now offers electricity plans that are from renewable energy sources. If you decide to choose a Liberty Green plan, an additional purchase of Renewable Energy Credits will be included in the rate. Renewable Energy comes from clean sources, and protects the environment.

Liberty Power has an education centre which gives you the knowledge of how you can choose your electricity supplier in a deregulated market. You can compare the rates and plans and then select your electricity supplier.

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