Payless Power


Payless Power provides electricity to more than 400 small and large deregulated cities in the state of Texas. The retail electric provider offer slow-cost, affordable electricity to homes and businesses. Payless provides its customers with plenty of services without the hassle. They can even start your new service on the same day. Fast service and dependable customer service are sure to residents feel welcome their new home in Texas. Payless Power also has the option to recharge your account over the internet, phone or through a pay center.

Hassle-Free, Cheap Electricity

Payless Power offers really low rates with flexible payment options, which help you save significantly on your electricity bill. By signing up as a new customer you even get $25 worth of electricity free on your account. You do not need any credit and do not need to put down any deposit to get this offer. Payless Power even offers the option to receive daily updates on your mobile phone or by email regarding your usage and account details. Payless Power provides with flexible payment options.

Charitable Power

Payless Power works with Red Cross America to help communities in need and you can donate money to them through Payless Power.

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