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Mary Prine from Sugar Land
Reviewed On January 9, 2014
Pennywise stole money from a dead man's bank account

My 27 year old son passed away in August, 2013. I contacted Pennywise to stop the service to his house two weeks later. The service rep told me that I would need a power of attorney to stop the service. After a heated conversation with the service rep AND his supervisor (a deceased man cannot give a power of attorney), they finally agreed to stop the service if I faxed them a death certificate, my drivers license and a letter explaining the situation. I did that the same day. I recently discovered that Pennywise was still drafting my son's account. I immediately called and was told that they didn't receive the original fax (although I have the confirmation that the fax was successful). They asked me to fax the information again. When I called to follow up I was told that they would not refund the money that they stole from my son's account. The rep had the audacity to say that it was my fault for not following up with the company in August. I got a call from another customer service rep today who repeated the same thing. Obviously none of these people have ever lost a child. Shame on them. I was able to stop every other service with just a phone call... cable, water, gas, security company. I cannot believe that Pennywise "is unable to refund the money." They COULD do the right thing. They are choosing to NOT do the right thing.

Hoanganh Le from Fort Worth
Reviewed On July 6, 2013
If you want to be scammed, this is the company for you.

Our family recently moved to Texas in May, and signed up with Penny Wise Power online because of their attractive prices for new customers. To begin service, it was required to sign up for automatic bill pay. We agreed to that and provided them our checking account number for the automatic withdrawal. We had service started for the whole month of May. June comes around, I received a letter from the company stating that they were unable to withdraw $38.37 from my account due to "insufficient funds" and threatened to turn off our power. I Immediately check with our bank, there were plenty of funds available and there wa no attempt from Penny Wise Power trying to withdrawal from our bank. So I called Penny Wise IMMEDIATELY to verify the bank #. The gentleman on the phone confirmed with me twice that it was the correct bank and bank #. I was informed that they unable to withdraw that amount the first time, so they attempted two more times. The gentleman on the phone informed me that there will be no "return check fee" if I pay within that day, which I paid in full after the phone conversation. Now July comes around, I received a bill for $94.55. The statement indicated once again charged me the $38.37 that I had paid and posted in June AND a $30 "return check fee". I called PennyWise right away on 7/3/13 to inquire about the charges, they could not and would not help and refused to connect me to their supervisor and hung up on us. I had attempted to call back three times and at all occassions, were disconnected.


Pennywise Power is a retail electric provider in the great state of Texas that strives to help customers pay less for the electricity they use. The residents of Texas have the advantage of energy choice by selecting their electricity supplier due to energy deregulation. Pennywise has formulated unique electricity solutions for its savvy customers to ensure the customer saves on electricity and ultimately is able to reduce their energy bill. Pennywise is for the customer who wants to get a great deal on energy without sacrificing a good customer experience.

Competitive Electricity Plans

Pennywise is determined to provide electricity plans which will amaze their customers. Pennywise believes that electricity choice should be simple and they bypass the gimmicks to give you the best price, the best value. It’s energy for the savvy, cost conscious consumer. You can choose from plans which change from month to month or select a fixed rate for a specific term. Why sacrifice service quality to get your energy bill cheaper when you don’t have to? You will get the topnotch electricity supply at really competitive prices without losing fantastic customer service.

Pennywise Power can offer great electricity rates to both residential and small commercial customers.

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