Smart Prepaid Electric


Miles Iler from Farmers Branch
Reviewed On April 6, 2014

Easy to switch. Continued text and up dates. easy to log on and pay your electric. I got this service because I was in a bind but I will probally keep it as I am paying less than I was paying when I was with abit energy

Joshua S. from Rowlett
Reviewed On January 15, 2013
Do not waste your time or your money!!!

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Not just once, but overtime I called. Expect a 30-45 minute wait time. They lose their accounts. Mine was lost for 2 days. As did happen with my brother's account. Payment clears almost immediately but according to their records it won't clear for 4-7 business days, which is what they will tell you is the time expected for a refund, it's really 4-6 weeks. Oncor didn't receive a work order for two days even after SPE's supervisor said that there was an expedited order in the system. Did I mention the worst customer service ever possible?! I've made this mistake twice. Shame on me.

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When you are shopping for electricity in Texas you will definitely come across Smart Prepaid Electricity as an option to purchase electricity. However, going by user reviews, this is definitely not a company that you can trust on, majorly because of the poor customer service that they render. Customers like me have been harassed to no end especially when I tried calling their customer care number. I was surprised at the long wait that I had to endure. Not just 5 or 10 minutes, they made me wait for over 30-45 minutes on the phone.

This is not the end… Smart Prepaid Electricity service also loses their accounts. Infact my own account got lost for 2 days. My relatives faced the same situation. Once you have made your payment for the prepaid account, you will notice that your money takes almost a week to clear. So if you want a refund you can end up waiting for almost a week. What hits you most is the poor customer service that they render to their customers. None of their customer service executives are experienced or trained to handle electricity consumers. You will notice that each of the customer service executives you speak to will give you different accounts and reviews of your query. So you will be left utterly confused at the end of the day. Apart from that most of the information passed on to you by their customer care executives will be inaccurate and misleading.

Believe it or not, the Smart Prepaid Electricity email alerts are remarkable! You will receive alerts related to your balance that are more than 2 days old. So you will obviously see a mismatch in your balance. If you are looking for as reliable electricity provider that will not give you sleepless nights, avoid using the services of Smart Prepaid Electricity.

Smart Prepaid Electricity may be proclaiming to offer ‘nelray free energy', but trust me this is not as good as it sounds. Fancy electric cars may seem lucrative but not for people in the third world country. Besides people are less likely to go for ‘nelray free energy' vehicles in an age where people are brand conscious and want to go for branded vehicles. Convincing these people to go for economical energy saving cars is not a cakewalk. So my suggestion is, do not get carried away by the offers and services offered by Smart Prepaid Electricity. This is definitely a company to avoid.

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