StarTex Power


StarTex Power has become a big name in the power generation industry and has won over many customers in Texas. Having been recognized by the Better Business Bureau, it has won the Customer Care Award. Not only that, but StarTex Power has also received an “A+” rating by them. They are among the top energy service providers. StarTex Power has certainly gained enough popularity to lead the market.

Power Payment options

StarTex Power is making lives simpler by giving so many bill payment options to their valued customers. Customers can check their whole account history. It contains their past 3 years’ history, bill notices and other important billing and account details. Apart from these, it offers options for online payments, auto pay, and paperless billing.

Referring a Friend to StarTex Power

Not only does StarTex Power provide services to its customers, but also gives them an opportunity to earn rewards by referring a friend. StarTex Power values feedback from its valued customers and shows appreciation by paying them back in dollars for each referral.

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