Tara Energy


In operation since 2002, Tara Energy has experienced exponential growth. Being one of the best electricity providers in the market at very competitive prices, Tara Energy has stepped up to provide value and has touched many lives. It offers seamless electricity supply to its customers by providing active, trustworthy services and equally promising customer service to better the customer’s experience. Tara Energy is part of the Just Energy Group Inc.

Tara Energy Perks

Tara Energy believes offering tremendous value to its customers. Having arrangements with Restaurant.com, which has a wide range of restaurants to choose from, the customers who sign up with Tara immediately get a $250 gift Certificate to Restaurant.com. These kinds of offers are great for customers and give them an opportunity to save on more than just their energy bill.

Tara Green Energy

Being a responsible organization, Tara Energy understands its duties towards the environment and does its part to protect the environment. It has numerous plans which comprises of renewable energy plans as well. They help to minimize the impact of energy production on the environment and offer great green energy values to customers at very competitive prices.

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