Texas Power


Started in 2005, Texas Power is a Texas-owned company which has its headquarters in Texas. An energy company owned by Texas and providing honest, clean services to its valued customers, Texas Power continues to delight and deliver unparalleled service. It has its roots grounded to its core principle of placing the customer first and delivering them an enjoyable energy experience at very competitive rates. Not only do they provide electricity, but they also impact communities in a positive way.

Texas Power Electricity Rates

Speaking of rates, Texas Power has numerous customer-friendly plans available. Ranging from 6 to 24 months, it has several fixed rate plans. It also allows the customers to calculate their saving if they are enrolled for a particular plan. It makes it easier for the customer to calculate their usage and choose a plan accordingly

$25-$50 Credit on Electricity Bill

Texas Power respects new customers and appreciates existing customers if they spread a good word of mouth and refers friends or family. Texas Power pays a flat $25-$50 to the customers as credits on their electricity bill, if they refer a friend or family member.

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