TriEagle Energy


TriEagle Energy is one of the largest and most established names in the energy industry. TriEagle has been providing retail energy to its residential, commercial and industrial customers ever since it was established. TriEagle’s team brings extensive years of experience and expertise in the energy industry to help create unmatched savings opportunities and quality to TriEagle Energy customers. It provides unique customized energy solutions to companies and maintains a dedicated level of service to customer satisfaction by offering helpful, quality customer service to answer customer questions.

TriEagle Electricity Rates

TriEagle Energy understands the stringent market conditions and has developed unique offerings to bring down electricity rates to offer a competitive value for its customers. TriEagle Energy understands the sensitive nature of the energy market. Therefore, it strives to bring down customer energy bills with the best rates they can and best quality and cost saving services available.

TriEagle Prime Time in Electricity

Prime Time is a unique concept by TriEagle which allows customers to join the company in an effort to resolve electricity grid overload issues that can arise during the hot Texas summers. It’s basically an earning platform for the customers and they just have to check on their monthly usage. This helps to save electricity and money for the customers, while also being good for the environment.

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