Richard from Dallas
Reviewed On January 23, 2013
Energy Charge

Veteran Energy only provides the average monthly price per kWh and will not, under any circumstances, provide the actual fixed, energy charge per kWh, nor proivde any other fixed rates associated with your bill. Everything is hidden and considered "all inclusive." This non-disclosure and response is consistently upheld by every member of their business. I highly recommend that you avoid this company at all costs, unless cost isn't a factor.

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Veteran Energy was founded by Kevin Baker, an Army Veteran, who believes in providing energy to houses and businesses for an affordable price. The company is run by many military veterans, which is how the name originated. Veteran Energy has gained more than 75 years of experience combined in the energy industry and leadership. With Veteran Energy’s extensive experience and skills, they are positioned to help customers save on their electricity bills.

Veteran Plans

Veteran Energy offers a number of plans from which you can choose and save on your electricity bill. You can find the plan of your choice for residential, industrial or commercial establishments on the Veteran Energy website. The low rates of the plans don’t deter from the excellent customer service Veteran Energy offers to its customers. Veteran Energy offers a variety of plans with rates that are month to month or fixed. This gives the customer plenty of choice when searching for their electricity supplier. There are also some green plans which you can choose if you prefer to use renewable solutions for your electricity.

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