WTU Retail Energy


Alex A. from Abilene
Reviewed On May 4, 2014
Stay away from WTU

I was a happy Reliant customer. A WTU sales rep came to the door and basically sold me on their service. I have a house with a detached garage. The garage has its own separate power meter. My ONE and ONLY request I had with WTU was that I had one account with both meters on it. I was assured by the salesman as well as WTU over the phone that that wouldn't be a problem at all. My first bill came and it is indeed two entirely separate accounts. Even further, the garage account has "garage" as part of the street address. My postman told me that is not a valid address to the USPS and it threw up flags on their sorting equipment. Calling WTU to fix the problem resulted in a 2 hour 55 minute phone call. Which I was going to be charged a $2.00 reconnect fee as well as a $50.00 deposit -- for which I AM ALREADY A CUSTOMER!! Fixing the address issue is an impossibility according to the 5 people I spoke with at WTU. Apparently, having one account with two meters is just something their system isn't designed to handle. Reliant had no issues with this at all. When I discovered the error, it was 31 days after signing up. 1 day past the 30 day limit to cancel service. When all was said and done, I just had them cancel the entire request and leave the screwed up address and the two entirely separate accounts in my name. (I'm *NOT* paying them $52.00 for them to fix their mistake). So thankfully the post office knows who I am and where I live. For the next two years, every single time I get a bill now, I'll be reminded what a screwup this company is just by looking at where they addressed the bill to. In the last 24 hours, I'm at least confident in the knowledge that I had actively prevented two people from signing up with WTU. For the next two years, I hope it is many, many more I can convince to stay away from them. WTU will *NOT* work with customers, especially to fix their own mistakes. I deeply regret my decision to go with WTU. This is a lesson to do my homework on a company before signing up with them. The $300 cancellation fee appears very, very tempting just to go back to Reliant and be done with WTU and their gross incompetence. Stay away from WTU. If you have one property with two or more power meters, stay FAR FAR FAR away from WTU.


WTU Retail energy offers a variety of energy solutions to residents and businesses customers in Texas. They provide reliable energy supplies to customers and do their best to build a trust with their customers. WTU Retail Energy provides electricity and natural gas. They even provide green energy options too. If you are moving to a new location in a deregulated area of Texas, then you can switch to WTU Retail Energy and concentrate less on your energy bill and more on the important things.

Plans and offerings

WTU Retail Energy provides great rates for all their customers. They have plans which will meet all the customers’ unique needs and the customers can save a lot of money in the process. WTU Retail Energy offers several additional savings opportunities which can include referring a friend savings, savings for paying your bill on time, and even savings for people who are moving. WTU Retail Energy believes such offers will help you save a lot on your energy bill. Switch to WTU Retail Energy and get great plans for your energy needs and find out firsthand how much their customers can save.

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