Understanding What Texas Electric Providers Offer

For many years, you were never able to choose what electric company will be providing power for your home. Instead, you created an account with the electric service that covered your area. However, in 2001, things began to change when energy deregulation was signed into law. The purpose of deregulation was to ensure that consumers actually had a choice for their home electricity service. There are many other reasons for deregulation as well, and they all certainly benefit the consumer. Now that you do have choices you are going to have to make the right decision. You will need to understand what Texas electric providers offer.

Since you have never chosen an electric company before in this manner, you will need the following details about what providers can offer to you when you choose from different REPs (Retail Electric Providers). By knowing what is offered, you can find it all the easier to make the decision to switch companies to something better.

REPs offer low cost electricity. Unlike traditional electric services that offer rates based on how much you use in electricity, many of these Texas electric providers offer fixed rate plans. These low cost services do not change each month. Instead, you pay one single amount month by month. You can choose to stay with a fixed rate for a year or even three years if you would prefer to stick with the same payment long-term.

Another thing that Texas electric providers can offer would be renewable energy. In the past, it could have been a little difficult to have access to environmentally friendly electricity. However, with REPs, you will have access to such energy options as solar, wind, and water. If you are interested in doing something positive for the environment, this is your chance. All that you need to do is choose from the providers that offer renewable energy. If you choose carefully, you can run your whole home on renewable energy and you can truly become green.

When you understand you can choose between Texas electric providers, you will want to start considering which electricity company to choose for your power. You may find it a little confusing since there are so many different options available in your area. Shop Texas Electricity will make it easy for you to choose the right company since you will easily be able to compare different providers based on the services that they have to offer.

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