Are all Texas Energy Providers the Same?

Electricity is electricity, right? This is something that many people assume. They think that no matter where they get their electrical service, they will be getting the same thing. However, is this true? It is time to take another look, especially with deregulation in place in Texas. Now, you have a reason to consider the answer to the question. You can actually choose from Texas energy providers to pick one that you want. That means you need to know if they are all the same.

Not all electric companies are the same. In fact, they can vary in more ways than you may have realized. Here are some of the ways that a service provider could vary. This will give you a great deal more information, so that you can make an informed decision about your own electric service.

One difference would be the type of electricity. Most municipal and utility based electric companies make use of standard electricity. That means the power comes from plants, like those that use nuclear sources. However, with REPs (Retail Electric Providers), you can choose companies that offer renewable energy. Instead of using standard, and environmentally harmful, methods of creating electricity, these sources make use of the wind or the sun. These sources do not run out and they do not damage the earth. If the environment is a concern to you, then this is great news.

Not all REPs are the same either. Some of these Texas energy providers allow you to choose different rate plans, and that is a big difference as well. Rate plans have a direct impact on how much you pay each month for your electricity. Did you even know that there were different rate plans?

Fixed plans, which are very popular with REPs, allow you to pay one set amount each month. Your fixed rate is calculated for a year and that allows you to know exactly how much of your budget you need each month. Variable plans are most likely what you are used to. They change each month based on the energy you use and what the current index is. There are other rate plans too, like indexed and prepaid. You will need to consider the rate plans available when you begin shopping for the right electric service.

Now, electricity is better than ever for Texas consumers. With the power to pick from different options, know the differences and make the right decision.

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