Service Areas

Shop Texas Electricity has spread its wings all across Texas . So no matter where you are in Texas, you will always find STE services close to you.

Shop Texas Electricity has conducted extensive research on electric power generation capacity of places in the remotest part of Texas and America as well. Electricity suppliers all across Texas are listed with us enabling you to avail the best prices and packages when it comes to electricity purchase. You will get all the services you desire from your electricity provider through STE. From Abilene to Galveston, from Dallas to Midland, you can choose any electricity service provider depending upon your requirements from here.

The only factor differentiating the electricity providers listed in a particular service area is their format of billing and customer service. When you choose an electricity provider listed within our service area not only will you be completely hassle free but will also avail numerous benefits like perks and discounts on your chosen electricity package.

All across our service area you will find us offering you packages at fixed rate, indexed rate and variable rate. All you need to do is compare and contrast the rates of the different suppliers in your region and choose one that is most convenient and cost effective for you. All you need to do is pick up the right company for yourself and we will manage the rest. Once you have chosen your service area and provider you will receive every support from our 24/7 dedicated customer support team who are always there to make life easier for you.

All electricity providers listed with us in the service area of your choice will provide you with the rates applicable. At Shop Texas Electricity we will assist you in collating all the information provided by the electricity provider in your service area and list it out for you so that you can compare and contrast all the available rates before you take a decision.

Our service areas are not only widespread but also offer a drastic change in your monthly electricity bill with the electricity deregulation packages in offer. All you need to do is keep the following on top of your mind:

  • Check on the electric rates offered by a particular company in a service area
  • Check for payment options
  • Check for any Government rules and regulations applicable in your area
  • Check source of electricity, is it standard or renewable?

The service areas covered by Shop Texas Electricity include:

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