Facts about Texas Electric Deregulation

You may have heard of energy deregulation. You may have seen it in the news. After all, it has been going on for several years now. However, do you know what it is? Do you know how it affects your energy bill? If you live in Texas, then it is extremely vital that you know what deregulation means. If you do not make changes with your home’s energy company, then you could be losing money and you could be affecting the planet as well. Here are some facts about Texas electric deregulation. These facts will better help you understand why you need to reevaluate your home’s energy source.

Deregulation puts you, the consumer, in control of your energy. Instead of just having to sign up with the available electric company, you can sign up with the electric company that you prefer. This is quite different from how electricity was handled in the past.

This law drives the costs of electricity down more. Because Texas electric companies do not have a monopoly any longer, and they have competition, they cannot just charge whatever they want. You will find it much easier to get an electric service that can actually save you money.

You have more options than ever. Because of deregulation and the influx of companies offering a variety of services, you can choose all sorts of rate plans and options. For example, you can choose a fixed plan that allows you to pay the same amount every month or you could choose a variable plan so that you only pay for what you use. With so many different options, you will find it much easier to tailor your energy to just what you want it to be.

Renewable energy is more available than ever. With more companies offering electricity in Texas, more renewable energy sources are being used. Now, you can choose from a variety of sources, like wind energy, solar power, and water energy. You do not have to continue causing harm to the environment. Renewable energy sources do not do any harm to the planet.

Now that you know a few facts about Texas electric deregulation, you can see that there are plenty of reasons why you should choose a different electric company than the one you are currently using. You have so much control in your hands that all you need to do is take some time and determine what decisions make the most sense.

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